Message Of Ambassador Gülcan Akoğuz On The Occasion Of The 30th Of August, Victory Day

Santiago Büyükelçiliği 30.08.2020

Our esteemed citizens,

Today, we are proud and happy to celebrate the 98th anniversary of 30th of August, Victory Day.

On this day ofthe anniversary of the “Victory of the Great Offensive and the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief”, which was the consequence of our country's determination to remain independent, its resolve and the love of motherland and one of the most important turning points in Turkish history, we commemorate, first and foremost Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Commander-in-Chief of our War of Independence and the founder of our Republic, as well as his friends in arms and all our soldiers who lost their lives for the sake of the independence of our country with gratitude, mercy and appreciation.

In the success of our War of Independence which began on May 19th, 1919 with the arrival of Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Samsun, the victory of Dumlupınar on August 30, 1922, has been decisive and the said victory paved the way for the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.

The patriotism, spirit of solidarity and sacrifice shown by our nation against all kinds of impossibilities still shed light on us today, and give us strength to fight against attempts aimed at our state, democracy and national unity.

We will continue to work in unity, solidarity and harmony in order to be worthy of the cherished memories of those who gave us this victory and to carry our country to a better future.

I congratulate our August 30 Victory Day and present my greetings and best regards.

Gülcan Akoğuz

Ambassador ofthe Republic of Turkey to Chile

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